Middle Years 5 - 8

The Terang College Middle School encompasses students in Years 5-8. It provides an integral link between the Junior and Senior Sub-schools ensuring the continuation of a seamless curriculum- building upon foundations set within the Early Years of Education, such as Inquiry/ Integrated Learning and the further development of Numeracy and Personal Learning skills. One of the key advantages of a P-12 College is the privilege of being part of a student's educational journey; celebrating their successes and helping them develop to their full potential as they move from childhood into adolescence. This journey is complemented by the forging of bonds between the students, their teachers and parents all working towards a common goal.

The development of the Middle School precinct has enabled delivery of a diverse co-curriculum program offering students a broad range of educational experiences.

During the course of the year, there has been an extensive review of the Middle School curriculum structure. Our primary focus has been to research best professional practice strategies to maximize the learning outcomes for our students. Although we were pleased with the outcomes of the current system, the developments have been aimed to strengthen the delivery of literacy and numeracy across all areas of the curriculum.