Year 10 Work Experience

Year 10 Work Experience will take place from June 14-18, 2021.   Work Experience is a great opportunity for students to participate in an industry they may wish to pursue when leaving school and to develop skills in working in a new environment.  Whilst it is a rewarding experience, many students experience nerves and anxiety prior to placement. This is normal, however, if you do have concerns please contact us. 
The cost of Year 10 Work Experience is $50 which will be invoiced to family accounts.  Year 10 Work Experience around the Warrnambool region is coordinated through the Work Experience Office in Warrnambool which is self-funding.  The Work Experience Office coordinates work experience amongst local schools and ensures that all students are placed in a safe and positive environment.
Prior to students commencing they will undertake a series of lessons covering occupational health and safety, behaviour expected in the work place along with their rights and responsibilities.  Students will also receive a Work Experience Diary to record their experiences at work.
Attached is:
Education Department guidelines for work experience for parents.  

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