The purpose of performing in Productions has many benefits. Students become part of the 'Production Family', learning to trust each other, work as a team, get to know students from other Year levels, increase their skills in the performing arts, grow in confidence and self esteem. Students from years 3 to 12 are invited to become involved. 

Performing in productions teaches many skills: acting, dancing and singing. Students in the cast learn to memorise scripts thus increase their memory skills. The discipline of rehearsals also teaches students the importance of listening, actively engaging and following instructions as a team. The production crew play an important role too- backstage crew, sound and light technicians and assistants keep the show running smoothly and are the backbone of many shows. Terang College productions are a successful community event. Parents, friends, teachers and students all contribute to create wonderful shows. 

Many productions have been held over the years at Terang College. These have included  'Man Of Steel', 'Wolfstock', 'The Boyfriend', 'Little Shop Of Horrors', 'Fink',  'Rats', 'The Diary Of Adrian Mole', 'Aladdin' and 'Charlie And The Chocolate Factory'. Recent productions have included  'When Sasha Got Sucked Up The Chimney', 'The Rocky Monster Show' and 'Olivia'. 
Terang College looks forward to the time that productions again become a highlight of the school year. 

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