Later Years

In Year 9 & 10 learning in the Visual Arts builds on the experiences of the Middle Years.
Students build on their awareness of how and why artists realise their ideas through different visual representations, practices, processes and viewpoints.
They refine their personal aesthetic through working and responding perceptively and conceptually as an artist or audience.
They research and analyse the characteristics, qualities, properties and constraints of materials, technologies and processes across a range of forms, styles, practices and viewpoints.
As they explore different forms in visual arts, students reflect on the development of different traditional and contemporary styles and how artists can be identified through the style of their artworks.
Students draw on artworks from a range of cultures, times and locations. They explore the influences of Aboriginal and Torres Islander Peoples, and those of the Asia region.
They adapt ideas, representations and practices from selected artists and use them to inform their own personal aesthetic when producing artworks, and present their work to an audience.

Artworks exhibited are created by students in Art classes. An Artist Statement to explain influences, use of materials, techniques and processes, and their use of aesthetic qualities to create meaning.