Terang College Student Attendance Update

Dear Families,

You are no doubt aware of the significant changes that will take place this week:

Students are expected to attend school tomorrow, Monday 3rd August- Staff and students will be required to wear face coverings.

  • Tuesday 4th August will be a student free day in preparation for ‘remote and flexible learning’ to recommence on Wednesday 5th August.

Terang College appreciates that this is a very frustrating time for all concerned. We will endeavour to provide you with updates in a timely manner. I would like to point out that we only rely on information from the Department of Education and Training (in conjunction with the Department of Health and Human Services) and not from any other source!  

In relation to the new measures for face coverings, this is what it means for your child at Terang College: 

  • If your child is in Primary School (P-6), they are not required to wear a face covering.
  • If your child is in Secondary School (7-12) and they are 12 Years and older, they must wear a face covering.
  • All staff will be wearing face coverings. The only exception to this will be whilst they are teaching in which case they have the option to remove it.
  • Staff and students (Secondary students 12 Years and over) must wear a face covering whilst travelling to and from school.

Please note: With every change there will be inevitable confusion and debate about what is and what is not right. At Terang College our aim is to follow DET guidelines and approach all matters with a sense of ‘reasonableness’. To this end we ask you to keep your child home if they are unwell and remind you to limit any interaction during school drop off and pick-up.

Thank you for your ongoing support. We will continue to encourage safe hygiene practices at school. Please do not hesitate to make contact with either campus should you have any questions.

 Sincerely, Mick Castersen.


Wearing of Face Masks at Terang College

Parents and students involved with the Terang College need to be aware, as of the commencement of school on Monday, 3rd August, the College will be adhering to the Government’s directive of all students 12 years of age and over being required to wear face masks at all times whilst at the Terang College.

Mobile phones and College Uniform

Mobile phones and College Uniform

A couple of reminders to all students and families prior to the return of all students on Tuesday 9th June.

  • All mobile phones must be handed into the Principal prior to home room meetings- between 8.30am and 8.50am.
  • Students are expected to be in full school uniform.

Thanks for your support regarding these and all other school related matters. Staff are extremely excited to see the return of all students. P-12.


Greg Button



covid 19 parent information update


Dear Parents/Guardians

This is an unusual time for everyone as the rapid evolution of the Covid-19 outbreak continues to challenge every aspect of our lives. In order to slow the spread of the coronavirus and in accordance with the directions provided to us by the Victorian Chief Health Officer, Terang College will move to remote learning in Term Two.

Whilst this is new territory for most schools the staff at Terang College have been working together for the past four weeks to develop remote learning plans that will ensure every student at the College has the appropriate technology and learning materials they will need for the term.

So what do this mean for you and your family?

It means that all students will be learning from home, except for students in the following categories:

  • They cannot be supervised at home and no other arrangements can be made. This will be available for children of parents who cannot work from home such as health care workers.
  • Vulnerable children – including those children in out-of-home care or are deemed by Child Protection and/or Family Services to be at risk of harm
  • For learning requirements that cannot be conducted via remote learning (this would only apply to small groups of VCE/VCAL students) and it would not be a regular occurrence.

All Terang College students, regardless of whether they are onsite or at home, will participate in remote learning. Rostered supervision will be in place for those students who are onsite. This will consist of those staff who have volunteered to work onsite. During this time the College will follow all social distancing regulations and hygiene procedures.

To assist us with the supervision rosters could you please let us know if your child/ren will be onsite or at home during term two. Please contact the College, via email, by Sunday 12th April 9pm.

Please be aware that the expectation is that all students will study from home.

Only those students whose parents cannot work from home and/or alternative supervision cannot be organised, or they are at risk of harm, will be permitted onsite.

If VCE/VCAL students are required to be onsite for a learning requirement that cannot be completed remotely, parents/guardians will be notified in advance.

Please contact the College via email: terang.co@edumail.vic.gov.au


It is imperative that every family is logged onto Compass. Unfortunately we still have some families that are not logged in. Unless you activate your account you may be left with no insight into your child’s progress and you are missing out on vital information.

On Wednesday 15th April homeroom teachers at the 5-12 campus will make contact with their students online, at 8:50am. At the P-4 campus, contact will be made at 9:00am. Classes will commence after homeroom. An outline of the week and ‘how’ the classes are going to ‘look’ will be outlined in a separate letter. Please note staff will be recording attendance and we will contact you if your child/ren miss multiple lessons or fail to complete set work tasks.

If your child receives extra support from Educational Support Staff during class time, they will continue to receive this support at home via a digital platform and/email. These times will be sent to the individual families once they are finalized.

To ensure that no-one is disadvantaged by these circumstances the Terang College staff have organized a ‘hard copy’ of work for Week One of Term Two. These packages will be available for collection on Tuesday 14th April after 2pm. from the Corangamite Trade Training Centre at the 5-12 Campus and from the General Office at the P-4 Campus. To ensure the health and safety of our community, the correct hygiene procedures will be adhered to. If you are unable to collect the package please contact the College and we will organize for it to be delivered to you.

Finally, we understand that this type of learning will be easier for some children and their families than others. So with that in mind, please remember that we are all in this together and we are still working, whether it be onsite or remotely; therefore we will address any needs or concerns you have. It is very important that we keep the lines of communication open, so please do not hesitate to call or email us.

Yours Sincerely

Mr. Greg Button     Mr. Michael Castersen                Mrs. Julie-Ann Kelly

Principal                   P-12 Assistant Principal             P-6 Assistant Principal

Covid 19 Update 27/03/20

Friday 27th March 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Terang College, along with every other school in this network, is endeavouring to be as prepared, as it can be, for the move to remote learning if it eventuates.

It is worth noting that when I have spoken to my colleagues across the network, along with my superiors, every school has put together a unique approach which best suits its local school community. The unifying factor amongst this is the common goal we all share – meeting the needs of our students.

To this end, Terang College will provide the following:

  • P-4: Teachers will use class DOJO and hard copies.
  • 5-8: Teachers will use Compass and hard copies.

Please note: Hard copies will be available to be collected from both campuses at a designated location. Further information down the track.

  • 9-12 Teachers will use a combination of Teams and Compass

As you can see, we are trying to meet student needs with a variety of approaches. Interestingly, this may well change and I can assure you that you will be notified immediately.

Our thoughts are with you, especially those amongst us who are finding things particularly difficult and challenging at the moment. Take care of yourselves and please leave the worrying about your son/daughters remote education (if it eventuates) to us.




Greg Button


Covid – 19 – Update 20/03/2020

Friday 20th March 2020


Dear Parent/Guardians


Firstly, we are open and will continue to operate normally until we receive further directions from the Department of Education. This update reflects the information we are currently receiving.

The following measures have been put in place:


  • All College camps, excursions and incursions have been postponed until further notice. Please note that students are still able to walk around the local community.
  • The La Soiree, Year 11 Work Experience Program, Warrnambool Eisteddfod and all sporting events have been postponed until further notice.
  • At this stage, all VET courses will continue to run as per normal.
  • The Parent-Teacher conferences that were scheduled for Wednesday 25th March, have been postponed.


  • Terang College is following the directions provided by the Department of Education with regards to hygiene, sanitization, social isolation and more regular and intensive cleaning of the College.
  • Please note if your child is unwell we strongly recommend that you keep them at home and inform the College as to why your child is absent. This can be done via Compass.


It is important that Terang College has a contingency plan if it was required to close. In the event of a school closure, Terang College would enact the following measures:

  • Learning via our Compass portal.
  • Distribution of hard copy packages.
  • The use of other electronic options to deliver the Curriculum.

In light of the current climate it is extremely important that every family at Terang College has access to and uses Compass. This is our main form of communication. It is imperative that everyone remains up to date. Therefore, if you have not accessed Compass previously, please do so now. If you require assistance with this, please contact us at the College.

In conclusion, please continue to speak with your children about these challenging times. We are aware that there is uncertainty in the community about the virus. To help you address some of these issues with your children please go to:



Yours Sincerely



Mr. Greg Button                      Mr. Michael Castersen                       Mrs. Julie-Ann Kelly

Principal                                  P-12 Assistant Principal                      P-6 Assistant Principal

Principal Absence

The College wishes to advise Mr. Greg Button is currently on Long Service Leave and will be returning on the 30th May.   Further to this, Mr. Michael Castersen commenced leave on Monday for at least six weeks due to a knee replacement operation.   During Mr. Button’s leave Mrs. Julie-Ann Kelly will be Acting Principal and Mr. Matt Irving Acting Assistant Principal.  They will be supported by the Leadership Team of Rachelle Quarrell, Kaitlyn Arnott, Ben Dennis and Joy Wilkinson.    Parents and students are welcome to contact any of this team who will ensure assistance is provided or arranged.    


Terang College Council Annual General Meeting – Monday 18th March, 2019

Terang College Council Annual General Meeting is scheduled to be held on 18th March commencing at 7.00 pm at the 5-12 Campus.   For those interested, nomination forms are available at either College office.   These forms were also sent to all parents, staff and students as a Compass newsfeed on 25th February.