2023 VCE Dux – Abbey Dixon

Terang College is excited to acknowledge Abbey Dixon on receiving Dux for our 2023 cohort. Abbey has always been an incredibly diligent student, always had a love for learning and pushed herself to achieve her best. Abbey studied Math Methods, English, Food Studies, and Biology in 2023, having studied Outdoor & Environmental Studies and Psychology in 2022.

Abbey gave a speech at the 2023 Presentation Night, here are two small quotes from it:
‘From the moment I was a tiny, fresh year 5 given the opportunity to sit on these seats in front of me, listening to the dux of 2016 share their journey, I knew it would be my dream to do the same. And this dream just grew larger every chance I had to listen to someone else share their success.’

Abbey acknowledged that with this dream, she has always put a lot of pressure on herself to succeed but had learnt a very valuable lesson over the last few months that she wanted to pass on to her classmates.
‘At the end of the day, you come first. If you don’t put yourself first nothing else matters…I have discovered over the last few months that it is so much easier to do well and succeed, when your mind and body are happy and healthy.’

Congratulations Abbey!