3/4 Hooptime Allstars – Friday 19/08/2022

On Friday 19th August, 14 students in year 4 competed in the Hoop Time All Stars Basketball competition.

The teams were:
All Star Girls: Charlotte McLeod, Taliah Meiers, Zara Church, Mollie Rochfort, Courtney Stonehouse, Zoe Symons and Amiyah Baird.
All Star Boys: Brad Wallace, Charlie Davis, Dominic Warner, Tyne Atkinson, Dylan Brown, Roarke Cust and Chase Donaldson.

The students have been training hard in 3/4 sport for the past few weeks.
Everyone tried really hard, never stopped smiling and should be very proud of their efforts and great sportsmanship.

Congratulations to all involved and thanks to Jess Bell, Emma Hill and Tyler Vickers for refereeing the games, Ella Clifford and Amelia Castersen for scoring and Tayla Bell and Mr Walz for coaching!