Big Breakfast Arrangements – Friday 20th September, 2019

It is on again! Terang College will hold its annual Big Breakfast on Friday 20th September commencing at 8:00am. Once again the ‘Big Breakfast’ will be held at the 5-12 Campus in Strong Street. The cost is $7.00 per person; pre-schoolers are free. Tickets are available from either Campus office.  All students are encouraged to dress in their favourite football colours on the day.

All P-4 Campus bus travellers will be dropped to the 5-12 Campus. P-4 Campus students who walk, ride or are taken to school via alternative transport in the morning, should be dropped at the 5-12 campus on Friday 20th September.

Please note the P-4 Campus will not be open during this time. The Campus will re-open at 9.30am.

All P-4 students will be bussed back to the P-4 Campus at the conclusion of the ‘Big Breakfast’ at 9:20am.

PLEASE NOTE: Friday is the last day of Term, which means a 2:30pm finish.