Book Week Parade – 23 August, 2018

Book Week Parade will be held on Thursday 23rd August in the 5-12 Assembly Hall for students Prep to Year 8.

At the P-4 Campus in Library and Art children have been studying the short listed CBCA books for 2018. The culmination of this study is the annual Book Week Dress-up parade where children are able to show their appreciation for books by dressing-up as their favourite book character.  This year the theme is “Find Your Treasure.”
At school we have discussed the theme at length. Anything that your child can imagine their treasure to be can be found inside a book.  Please do not stress about buying costumes. I am sure that you have an appropriate dress-up at home that can be used for this occasion.  We are always amazed by the creativity that comes from home.

This year the action does not end when the parade does…we have a whole day of celebrations planned to keep us busy at the P-4.  Children will be involved in Pirate theme activities for the remainder of the day and will be treated to a sausage sizzle for lunch.
We are going to have a blast.

Can’t wait to see everyone dressed up!