Congratulations Kolora-Noorat Football Under 17.5’s Grand Final

Shortly after the excitement of the Kolora- Noorat Under 14.5’s Grand Final win, the team created a guard of honour and stood to welcome on the Under 17.5’s, who would be also up against Merrivale in the Premiership battle. This game was Kolora-Noorat’s third Grand Final in a row and, having been successful last year, they were going for ‘Back-to-Back’ Premiers status.

Once again, Terang College was proud to have two students playing in this team, Year 12 students Joel Dillon and Trent Glennen. Joel Dillon (the Captain of the team) stated, ‘The week leading up to the game was very nerve-racking, but, as we got closer to the game I was feeling better and better. I felt accomplished as a captain to get our team to the Grand Final.’ Trent stated that, during the season, Kolora- Noorat, ‘…were a bit up and down with our form, but, for the last four weeks of our season, we really came together as a team and played our best footy.’ it is clear from these statements that the footballers were ready to perform at their best when it really counted on the big stage. Spectator, Charlotte Francis, recalled hearing Captain Joel’s speech before the game – ‘As we were sitting outside of the rooms before the game, we could hear the yells from the Kolora-Noorat footballers…it was very exciting as a spectator’.

The footballers run through a black, teal and white banner, the back stating what was on everyone’s mind, ‘Side by side all the way, let’s go back to back today,’ and the front, ‘It’s not about the pieces but how they fit together’. Trent Glennen explained how he was feeling running out onto the Reid Oval – ‘I think we were feeling a bit less confident than last year, as this side had beaten us the first two times we had met throughout the season’, but, he backed it up stating he, ‘…felt focused and ready to go.’ These words were echoed in Joel Dillion’s thoughts – ‘I felt focused; this was my third Grand Final, so, I have had experience with them and knew what I needed to do’.

The footballers stood in union as they listened to the national anthem – ‘During the national anthem, we were all feeling pumped and ready to go. We could tell Merrivale were nervous, as they weren’t as experienced with final games as us,’ stated Trent. The siren rang and the footballers were off. The game was summarised diligently by Trent stating that it was, ‘…pretty contested until half- time – they just weren’t getting as much scoreboard pressure as us and then we went away with it in the last half’. The scores finished on:

Kolora-Noorat  13.5 – 83  defeated     Merrivale  5.6- 36

The two Terang College students described their emotions – ‘Going back-to-back was pretty surreal and when the game finished it hadn’t fully sunk in yet.’ Trent also said that, ‘I felt relieved that we had won – I was quite sore and cramping!’ Spectator, Lexi Johnstone, excitedly added, ‘I was incredibly proud of my school mates’. Congratulations Kolora- Noorat Under 17.5 Footballers and, in particular, our very own Joel and Trent. Terang College is very proud of you!