Congratulations Kolora-Noorat Netball Under 13’s

It was a pretty cold Saturday morning and the Kolora Noorat girls took a while to warm up.  At the end of the first quarter they had only scored 1 goal to Merrivale 7.  Coach Carolyn Carlin told the girls to stick tight and keep the pressure on.

The girls were still finding their feet during the 2nd quarter and with the crowd starting to build the Merrivale girls started to pull a way. Score at half time was Merrivale 15 to 6.

Carolyn inspired the girls to have a great 3rd quarter and they all pulled together and shot the first 5 goals.  After Merivale shot one goal the crowd really got behind Power and the girls shot another 7 goals to lead 18-16.

In the 4th quarter the girls extended their lead and won the Grand Final 28-20.