Covid-19 Update 14/02/2021

All onsite classes from Monday 15th – Wednesday 17th February will be held at the P-4 campus. The P-4 campus will not be available to students prior to 8:30am.

The school buses will continue to operate as per normal; they will drop off and pick up students from the P-4 campus. Classes at the P-4 campus will conclude at 3:15pm each day.

In circumstances where a child cannot stay at home because there is no appropriate supervision because a parent/carer is performing essential work and no other supervision arrangements can be made, supervision at the College is available. However, we ask that you contact us at the College before you send your child to school.

If you have any concerns we ask that you do not contact your child’s teacher, but instead speak to the Greg Button, Michael Castersen or Julie-Ann Kelly.