Dress Up Day, Olden Days – 17th August

Dear Foundation (Prep), Year One and Two Families,

This term we are focusing on the past and present in relation to toys, fashion, transport, houses and school etc.

This Friday 17th August, we are planning an olden days incursion at school where the students will be engaged in a variety of traditional school activities and games.

To add to the fun of this day, we would like to invite the children to come dressed in clothes from another era. This could be from the cave person time, to the start of 2000.

Please do not purchase dress ups. We would like to keep it simple and fun, eg. Material wrapped around as a toga, or jeans tucked into trousers and a checked shirt for a school child in the 40s etc.

You may like to send food for snacks and lunch in keeping with times where food was not pre packaged.

If you have any questions, please contact your child’s class teacher.