Final Science Pracs of Term 2

Final Science Pracs of Term 2

Year 7/8 science-Separating mixtures.

Term 2 – Year 7 & 8 science have been working on a unit about chemistry and separating substances. Students have completed many experiments using different separation techniques-distillation, evaporation, magnetism, filtration, sieving, straining, and using chromatography paper.

The final experiment for the term was separating mixtures.


A summary of the Separating mixtures experiment, from Year 7/82 students.

Today we did an experiment on separating mixtures. The experiment was fun, and we felt like real scientists, using different methods and tools. We used maths to problem solve the weight of things.

Our task was to separate iron filings, plastic pieces, gravel, sand, and salt from each other in various ways. We did theory work before and after the experiment.