Fun Friday (Wellbeing Day) – 05/06/2020

SRC Fun Friday Wellbeing Day P-10

On Friday the 5th June, the SRC want to celebrate the amazing efforts of the Terang College students and community during remote learning. To do this, there will be a series of activities posted to every homeroom (whether that be through Teams for 5-10 or Dojo for P-4)  that the students can choose from, to complete for the day! There will be no classes running, so you can focus on doing these activities, having some time off the computer, having fun and getting re-energised before we return to school the following week. 

When you complete an activity be sure to submit photos. Every homegroup teacher will pick one winner- who they think has put in a lot of effort to their activities (where to upload will be explained on Friday 5th) and a prizes will be awarded.

We hope you get as excited as we are and can enjoy a bit of time off away from computer- but remember to take photos!