House Swimming Sports – 21st February, 2020

House Swimming Sports 2020

A huge congratulations to all students and teachers that took part in our Annual House Swimming Sports last Friday.

It was wonderful to see student participation was up from previous years, creating a very close competition for Champion House.

Congratulations to Keilambete who narrowly pipped Dalvui to be awarded the Champion House for 2020.

House Results:

Keilambete: 948

Dalvui: 928.75

Keayang: 753.25

A special mention to Mr. Ryan, who walked away with the bragging rights, after being challenged to a race against Year 12 student Tori Parsons.

Well done to the following Age Champions and Runners Up:

Age Champion                                                       Runners Up

10 year girls: Bridie Teal

11 year girls: Emma Hill                                             Mayci Dwyer

11 year boys: Tayte McMaster                                   Henry Delaney

12/13 Primary girls: Shelby Teal                               Isla Primrose

12/13 Primary boys: Cooper Logan                         Ben Crawley

12/13 Secondary girls: Arribella Arklay                 Breeanah Coverdale

12/13 Secondary boys: Ben Carlin                           Edward Delaney

14 years girls: Tayla Logan                                         Emily Fuge

14 years boys: Darcy Abbott                                     Keaves Wallace

15 years girls: Jess Moloney                                    Gemma Blain

15 year boys: Prince Catanyag                                 Sam Carroll

16 year girls: Ingrid Cavarsan                                   Kara Gee

16 year boys: Michael Hoey                                     Oliver Delaney

17 year girls: Gemma Parsons                                 Precious Bock

17 year boys: Adam Moloney                                   Harvey Roberts

18-20 girls: Tori Parsons                                             Brittany Abbott

18-20 boys: Max Cavarsan                                         Adam Fowler