HSSSD Athletics – 29/03/2022

It was a fantastic day for Terang College 7-12 Athletics team at the HSSSD Athletics Carnival in Camperdown on Tuesday, 29th March.

All students competed exceptionally well on the day, with several students competing in their first District Athletics Carnival. We had many students finish in the top 3, but only the winner of each event progresses to the GWR Athletics at the Llanberris Athletic Track in Ballarat on 6th October. The students who will represent Terang College in Ballarat are – Emma Hill, Emily Fuge, Tayla Bell, Jess Bell, Elizabeth Flavell, Sema Meric, Mia Dickson, Bailey Dennis, Declan Barbary, Tayte McMaster, Harrison Hunter, Oliver Delaney, Ben Carlin, and Nick Castersen.

Congratulations to the 37 students who represented TC on the day we are very proud of your efforts, and a big thank you to the staff who assisted in the many roles required to make it a successful day.


Students who finished Top 3

Name Event and Place
Emma Hill Javelin 1st, Long Jump 3rd, Discus 1st
Emily Fuge Javelin 1st, Discus 2nd, Triple Jump 3rd,
Tayla Bell 800m 2nd, 100m 2nd, Triple Jump 1st, 400m 2nd, 200m 2nd,  1500m 2nd
Sema Meric Long Jump 2nd, High Jump 2nd, Shot Put 1st, Discus 2nd
Bailie Rooth Discus 2nd, Long Jump 3rd, Shot Put 3rd
Lucy Eldridge 800m 2nd, 1500m 3rd
Jess Bell 800m 2nd, 1500m 1st
Kayla McConnell 800m 2nd, 400m 3rd
Chelsea McConnell Shot Put 3rd,
Mia Dickson Shot Put 2nd, 100m 3rd, Long Jump 1st,
Elizabeth Flavell Shot Put 1st,
Madison Cameron 400m 3rd
Tyler Hill Javelin 3rd
Beau Fuge Javelin 3rd
Ben Carlin Javelin 3rd, 1500m 2nd
Bailie Dennis Javelin 1st
Declan Barbary Javelin 1st, High Jump 1st, Triple Jump 1st
Tayte McMaster Triple Jump 3rd, High Jump 1st
Oliver Guthrie Triple Jump 3rd, 400m 3rd, 200m 3rd
Ned Roberts Shot Put 3rd, Discus 3rd
Riley Fleming 800m 3rd, 400m 3rd, Long Jump 3rd
Nick Castersen 800m 2nd, 400m 3rd, Discus 1st
Ben Crawley High Jump 3rd
Oliver Delaney Long Jump 2nd, Shot Put 1st
Harrison Hunter Triple Jump 2nd, Shot Put 1st, Discus 1st
Nick Eldridge 100m 2nd, 400m 3rd, Triple Jump 3rd, 200m 2nd

4 x 100m

12-13 girls 2nd, 16 year girls 2nd, 14 year boys 2nd,

15 year boys 3rd, 16 year boys 2nd, 18-20 boys 2nd