HSSSD Year 7 & 8 Basketball

Today the year 7 and 8 girls played basketball in Terang versing many teams as well as each other. The Year 7 girls had a tough day playing against all Year 8 teams besides one, although they all ran out each game competitively. The Year 8 girls won 3 out of 5 games. With 5 players and minimal time outs, the girls played well as a team to finish each game off as best they could.

It was a slow start for the Year 8 boys’ basketball team at Camperdown Stadium on Monday. They started the day with two losses before stepping it up to Mercy in a tight game, despite the 15-point gap presented on the score board. The boys held a tight defence against a taller team and moved quickly in defence to combat a slow to setup Mercy team. Terang College had a win against Camperdown College to finish the day. Luke Moloney was a consistent force for Terang College with multiple rebounds in defence and offense in what was a standout performance. Congratulations to all the Year 8 boys involved, well done!!