Interview with Year 7 student – Sam Lillico

Interview with a year 7


We asked Sam Lillico, a year 7 at Terang College, to answer a range of questions for us.


Question 1- What was your favourite subject this year?

P.E or maths. They are both really fun.


Question 2- How has COVID affected you this year?

Homeschooling made this year really hard. I really hated doing school at home because I didn’t get to see and talk to other people. It also really sucked not being able to play sports.


Question 3- What was the best part of this year for you?

I loved cross country because I enjoy running and sports.


Question 4- What was the worst part of this year for you?

Definitely homeschooling. And being hit by a softball when we played T-ball against the year 10’s.


Question 5- What is something you’re looking forward to next year?

I can’t wait to be in year 8.


Question 6- Who is your favourite teacher?

Keato. He makes class really fun.


Question 7- What is your Hogwart’s house?

I don’t know. But my favourite is Gryffindor. (He’s definitely a Hufflepuff)


Question 8- Who is your favourite One Direction member?

Louis Tomlinson.


Question 9- Who is your favourite singer/song?

Guy Sebastian and Battle Scars.


Question 10- If you could tell the school community anything, what would it be?

Don’t do year 7. Skip it.


– Tahlia Malady, Declan Barbary and Abbey Dixon