Interview Year 7 student – Cooper Logan

Interviewing a Year 7

With Cooper Logan


What has been your favourite class this year?

Science. It was really fun.


Favourite teacher?

Keato. He makes class good, and he is really funny.


Rank the school sporting events.

  1. Swimming 2. Athletics 3. Cross country.


Do you prefer remote learning or face-to-face school?

Remote. There are no human distractions and I can do whatever I want.


Movies or tv shows?

Tv shows. They are longer and more entertaining.


Favourite season?

Summer. It has better weather.


Favourite book?

Just Annoying, by Andy Griffiths. I like it because it’s funny.


Best type of music?

Rap. It’s fast.


Best thing to do at recess and lunch?

Playing chess with my friends.


-Tayla Logan