Melbourne Symphony Orchestra Children’s Concert – 19th October, 2018

On Friday, 19 October our instrumental music students along with Camperdown College took the bus to the Lighthouse Theatre to see the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra Children’s Concert. Mrs Pugh was very excited to see her former cello student from Melbourne, now Dr Richard Vaudrey, who compered the MSO Children’s Concert.

The Concert started with Richard playing ‘Shotgun’ on the ukulele and everyone sang along. This was followed by the orchestra playing a stirring  excerpt from Symphony No. 40 by Mozart.  Students learnt about the orchestral instrument families, such as the string family. Chayse was an assistant on stage, along with other students who helped Richard and Tianyi Lu, the Conductor identify each family of the orchestra. Students then heard pieces played by each instrument family or section of the orchestra. This included a very fast plucked or pizzicato piece for strings by Benjamin Britten which impressed our students.

Students also liked the French Horns who were dressed up as super heros! Richard did some funny dance moves, including flossing, when he pretended to conduct the orchestra which made students laugh!

After the Concert, students got to meet Richard and the MSO Conductor Tianyi who encouraged students to keep playing music. It was a great experience for our instrumental music students to see and hear a symphony orchestra for the first time.