P-12 BOOK WEEK – REMOTE VERSION – 6th-9th September, 2021

Book Week celebrations will be going ahead next week (Week 9).  We won’t let the lock down spoil our fun at Terang College.
This year Book Week will be very different.   I have made up a list of 9 different book activities (attached).  You choose the option/s that best suits your family life at the moment.
Each activity involves you taking a photograph and sending it to me preferably via email at kylie.morrissy2@education.vic.gov.au
The intention is for me to collate the images into a video presentation sharing how each family was able to celebrate Book Week 2021 in remote learning.
This is an historical moment in time. Hopefully lockdowns never stop us celebrating in the future but in the meantime we will have these memories to look back on.
Let’s make it a good one Terang College! I can’t wait to see what you come up with.
You may complete this activity at your leisure any time over the next week. Images are due to me before 6.00pm on Thursday 9th September 2021 to make it to the video.

If you have any questions please feel free to message me on Dojo/Compass/email.
You will also find attached ideas for making Book Week costumes without leaving your home.