P-4 Cross Country

Congratulations to all the P-4 students who participated in the Cross Country on the last day of Term 2.

It was a fantastic afternoon, with all students showing great support and encouragement towards each other.

Well done to the following students who finished in the top three for their age groups:

Prep girls: 1st Layla Thornton, 2nd Kora Wines, 3rd Pearl Raudino

Prep boys: 1st Braxton Srdoc, 2nd Charlie Simpson, 3rd Rubin Atkinson

6/7 year girls: 1st Khloe Fuge, 2nd Aenid Wood, 3rd Alysha Angus

6/7 year boys: 1st Patrick Thornton, 2nd Hunter McDougall, 3rd Harley Quick

8 year girls: 1st Courtney Stonehouse, 2nd Dehohda Dance, 3rd Chloe Clifford

8 year boys: 1st Jax Cameron, 2nd Dylan Brown, 3rd Dominic Warner

9 year girls: 1st Zoe Hill, 2nd Parker McDougall, 3rd Sharmonique Cudia

9 year boys: 1st Jake Arklay, 2nd Eli Quick, 3rd Daniel Stonehouse

10 year girls: 1st Elise Wood, 2nd Makayla Brown, 3rd Madeline Read

10 year boys: 1st Jack Eldridge, 2nd Logan Cumming, 3rd Locke Coverdale

11 year boys: 1st Cedrick Madeja