Reconciliation Week 2022 – “Get up! Stand up! Show up!”

Indigenous Studies has been in full swing since the 27th May, which is when Reconciliation Week started. The students have been learning about shared histories, cultures and achievements via demonstrations and educational presentations by their teachers. This year the program asked for students to ‘make change, beginning with brave actions in their daily lives’ – where they live, play and socialise.

Below is an outlook of what some of the students learnt:
Students in grades 5 and 6 celebrated National Reconciliation week, which runs from the 27th May to the 3rd June, by making a display for the middle years area. They practiced their weaving skills by weaving squares together to collaboratively form the Indigenous Flag. Students then learnt what each of the colours represented and how National Reconciliation Week came about.

Mel our college Nurse, created educational presentations that were shown to the students during Reconciliation week. The presentation explained about the colours of the flag and their meaning, the language, why we celebrate Reconciliation week and recognise Mabo Day and NAIDOC week.