Remote Learning Term 3 – Technology

Around the (Home) workshop and keeping the hungry family satisfied during remote learning (2)

As we closed out Term 3 I thought it was time to reflect on some of the super heroes in the Technology department (and of course their parents and families that have supported through this time). I appreciate the efforts that many students have made and celebrating their achievements without me being there to give them direct feedback. They will be better for engaging as they will be more independent learners, positively setting themselves up for whatever they want to achieve with their education.

In chronological order, the Year 5 & 6 cohort have been busy weeding, cooking and building. Many dishes have been cooked, fruit and vegie baskets completed and many a backyard tidied up and even some new garden beds. A small sample of the things they achieved are pictured here.

Chelsea Braendler’s seafood casserole, the recipe cannot be shared, some say this is because it is actually registered with the government as a weapon of mass consumption, it looks so yummy!!!!

Connor Whitford had been busy in the kitchen and excavating in the garden!!!

Year 7 have been working on the Great Ocean Road Diary Competition, entries close soon and here is our first contenders. Students had to work in pairs to create a dish, modify the recipe and substitute a Great Australian Dairy product and then make a calendar page of their dish.

Year 8 Deck chairs – Emily, Paddy, Alexander and Lucas have been the super stars of year 8 getting loads done on their sling chairs during remote learning.  Lucas has even had time to restore a lawn mower as well as make a brief hospital appearance. Luckily he is okay, get well soon Lucas!!!

Alexander, has been busy making raised garden beds with watering system too.

Az and Caty, 2 VCAL stars have been diligently working away each week behind the scenes. Because I have seen how hard they are working I wanted to share their success, so I asked them to write down a quick summary of what they have been up to. I hope you enjoy reading about their work as much as I enjoyed listening to them tell their story.

Why we are helping Deb? 

Its apart of VCAL, it is for us to know when we get older to know how to cook, it’s a good thing to communicate during covid 19.

What outcomes does this tick off?

Work related skills outcome 1 – 6. Literacy writing outcome. Pds outcome 1 it was helping us find out how much food we need and how much soup.

Why are we doing this? 

We are doing this so when we finish school we know how to cook and clean. So we know how much food we need to the amount of people eating it.

What are we doing? 

We are making soup.

Doing morning tea for staff every Thursday.

Looking after the Chooks

Cleaning dishes/ windows/doors

Sweeping floors

Doing recipes / order book.

Made chairs

Racked long jump pit.


We wrote the recipes we made in our recipes book.

Fridges and freezers temperatures

Pick up the groceries from the shop.

Wrote down what we did each day and took photos of what we cooked.