Return to onsite learning for select year levels

Hello families,

You may have heard that P – Yr 2 students are to return to onsite teaching on Friday.  In addition, the Year 11 & 12 students who are doing a Unit 3/4 subject will also be allowed back onsite.

We will continue to provide onsite supervision, under the same guidelines as we have done before.  Please return the onsite supervision form by Friday 12 noon for next week.  If you now require supervision for Friday 10th, please contact Julie-Ann Kelly by 4pm tonight. This is going to be challenging issue for schools to resource the staffing required for quality remote learning along with onsite supervision and some classes returning.  Please be patient as we negotiate our new guidelines.

Please note that only essential people are allowed onsite, so please continue as we have been with student drop offs.

Masks: It is recommended that primary aged students wear a mask, please send them with it. As it is only a recommendation for children under 12 to wear them, we have no expectation that they will wear them.

Yr 3 – 11 students will continue in remote and flexible learning.

Warm regards,