Student Attendance – Lateness


It has come to our attention that there are a number of students who are arriving late for school on a regular basis. Unfortunately, this situation can have a negative effect on the education of not only those students who are late, but also the other students in the class.

  • What impact does being late have on the student?

Students who are late miss a lot of instruction and information about what is happening, not to mention important learning sessions. This means that they have to catch up somehow. Students also miss catching up with their friends in the yard before school. Students can feel unsettled, disorganised and unhappy for the rest of the day and it can take them some time to complete and understand the work that they have missed. It is similar to being late to see a movie and not being able to understand what is happening because you have missed who the characters are and what the plot is about.

  • How does it affect the other students in the class?

Students who are late have an unsettling effect on the rest of the class. Because not all late students arrive at once, the interruptions go on until the last student is settled. Students who are late often have things that need to be done prior to them joining the class and this causes even more disruption. Sometimes other students have to wait to get the teachers attention and important issues can be forgotten.

We are all human. Cars can breakdown and unexpected situations can occur. We know that family morning routines are not always straightforward. If you are experiencing problems, speak to us, as we may be able to offer suggestions to help.

We are happy to accept that students will be late on the odd occasion because of unforeseen circumstances. However, arriving late on a regular basis is not acceptable

  • Remember

A student who is half an hour late each day misses the equivalent of 16.6 days of learning each year.