Uniform Policy Changes 2020

The College uniform is actively promoted by all sections of the College community. A uniform is seen as a valuable means of displaying a common sense of purpose and unity and a significant means of promoting the values and culture of the College within and beyond the general community. Within this in mind the Terang College School Council has implemented a number of changes to the Terang College uniform policy.

  • In 2020 the College’s uniform will be compulsory for all F-12 students, with the exception of occasional days agreed upon as casual clothes days.
  • College shorts: all College shorts must be of school quality, logo free and mid-thigh to knee length. Sports shorts are not a part of the College’s daily uniform.
  • Sports shorts – these may be blue or black in colour but must be logo free and can only be worn on sports days or during physical education classes. They cannot be a substitute for the College’s shorts.
  • In 2020 all shoes/boots – must cover toes and the top of the foot. T-bars are no longer allowed because they do not protect the feet.  Runners/Sandshoes or similar canvas shoes cannot be worn in place of school shoes. 
  • Socks can be white, black or blue in colour, but must be one single colour. They must be free of logos.

Terang College’s current jewellery policy has not changed. Only the following can be worn during school hours

  • Two small pair of sleepers or studs in the ears only. Piercings elsewhere are not permitted.
  • One flat ring on one hand.
  • One fine neck chain
  • < >Tattoos must be covered during school hours.

For further information please refer to the uniform policy on the College’s website and Compass.