Volcanoes Discovery Centre Excursion – 26/05/2023

Volcanoes Discovery Centre Excursion

On a windy, rainy, cool and frosty, sunny and mild Friday 26th May, the Year 9 Science students travelled to the Volcanoes Discovery Centre in Penshurst where we had the opportunity to consolidate some of our recent learnings on tectonic plates and volcano activity.

Upon arrival we were greeted by our instructor, Jill, who allowed the group to explore the centre while they found answers to a quiz sheet, after-which we were introduced to an extremely interesting and educational Power Point presentation. The group was presented with a myriad of volcanic rock which they were able to pass around, which prompted a lot of questions.

Once we were finished at the centre, we headed to Mt Rouse with our guide, Darrell, who discussed some of the history of the quarries, the geology of the mount and took us on a tour up, down and around the hill – great cardio!

What a great group to have taken, we had a fantastic day, we did some learning, we did some exercise, we had a few laughs and grabbed some ice-cream on the way home.