Yr 9 & 10 Central Australia Camp – 8th-18th October, 2019

Year 9/10 Camp

Central Australia camp was an incredible experience not only for the students, but the lucky staff that got to go on this camp and be involved with this wonderful cohort. There were many highlights along the way (my personal favourite- Uluru) and some brilliant memories formed; for many this was a trip of a lifetime that will be cherished. Below are some highlights from a few 9/10 students that attended the camp. – Rocky

My favourite part of the trip was when we got to tour around Uluru and learn about the Aboriginal stories and how they lived without any form of leadership structure. – Kade McDowell

The trip was a bit like Tasmania…. Half the funs getting there, and the other half is getting back. Also Uluru was pretty cool. – Billee ‘DJ’ Baxter

Over camp I think we all learned a lot of things, one of them being why weekends exist. I gained a lot more respect for people. My favourite part of camp was jamming with everyone while Mr Ryan played guitar. I also learned how much I appreciate sunscreen. – Precious ‘Presh’ Bock

I enjoyed seeing the outback and red dirt of Central Australia, especially experiencing the culture of past and present inhabitants. – Sasha Smith

I enjoyed meeting new people, especially when we got the chance to talk to a high school from the UK about the Solar Car competition they were competing in and comparing it to the Energy Breakthrough program that we run at Terang College. – Tyler Smith

The best bit about camp for me was interacting and getting to know people I wouldn’t have otherwise talked to. I also enjoyed learning more about Native Australia culture and visiting all the landmarks we got to see. – Courtney Lake

The reptile show was an interesting experience and was a first for me. The walks were amazing, especially Kings Canyon and around Uluru. Seeing the different towns along the way was also a highlight. – Ryan Fleming

Our favourite aspects of Central Australia camp were: walking around Uluru, singing all together with Mr Ryan, sleeping underground, walking Kings Canyon, swimming in the pools, riding the camels, the aboriginal history, going to the Northern Territory and most importantly the Year 9’s and 10’s becoming closer. – Chloe Anderson, Tahlia Malady & Jess Beasley

One of the highlights of camp for me was the hike up Kings Canyon, this was my favourite because it was incredibly hard work getting up the top, but the view and the scenery were definitely 100% worth the climb. – Emily Buckland

I enjoyed being able to spend time with people who I wouldn’t normally spend time with and creating new friendships. I also enjoyed learning about the aboriginal culture that surrounds Uluru and other outback landmarks. – Kara Gee

My highlight of Central Australia was getting to know Uluru and the stories that the aborigines have told their families for thousands of years. – Nick Castersen

The most memorable moment of year 9-10 camp was hiking up Kings Canyon, it was hard, hot and I did have a small tantrum but it was definitely worth it when we got the perfect insta worthy views at the top. – Maggie Lock

My favourite part of camp was the Kings Canyon walk. The views were stunning and the chats along the walk we also very enjoyable. – Tara Fleming