Parents Association

Parents Association is a group of parents who meet at the school in an informal way.  Anyone is welcome to join in our meetings where we discuss issues which effect our students and school. Always working towards better outcomes and inclusiveness for our whole school community. We fundraise throughout the year, raising funds which goes directly to different needs around our school- Every little bit helps. 

It is a great chance to sit and talk to our Principal, in a relaxed forum, listening to the monthly report regarding your students and school environment. 

It’s a chance to give back, to something which gives our students so much. Every hand helps. 

The Parents Association meet on the 4th Monday of each month at 7.30pm.

Committee Members

President - Carolyn Carlin

Vice-President - Angela Gee

Minutes Secretary - Lisa Delaney

Treasurer - Jenni Anderson

Fundraising Coordinators - Kelly McIntosh & Linda Clifford

College Council Representatives - Jenni Anderson & Angela Gee

Year Level Coordinators

Foundation (Prep) - NA

Year 1 - Amy Fortescue

Year 2 - Linda Fuge

Year 3 - Tina Brown

Year 4 - Monique Delaney

Year 5 - Claire Hill

Year 6 - Cathy Bell

Year 7  - Debbie Teal

Year 8 - Carolyn Carlin

Year 9 - Tammi Logan

Year 10 - Angela Gee

Year 11 - Jenni Anderson

Year 12 - Dominique Fowler