Wellbeing Team

At Terang College we offer a range of supports to all our students, including counselling, mental health support, relationship and friendship support, referrals to external services, access to visiting health and wellbeing professionals.

Students may self-refer or be referred by staff, family/guardians, or external agencies. 

Parents/guardians can meet with Wellbeing staff by appointment on campus or via phone.
Health and Wellbeing Prevention and Health Promotion Programs are included throughout the school in a wide range of education resources and activities. 
Our team consists of the following supports.   Student Engagement Leader is available 5 days a week. The Student Engagement Leader offers the following services: Engagement co-ordinator, School Wide Positive Behaviour Team involvement, Policies and Procedures, Health Promotion and Student Support.   

 School Counsellor is available 5 days a week. The Student Counsellor offers the following services: direct 1:1 counselling service to students Foundation – Year 12; group counselling on peer relationship, managing stress and anxieties, referral to support services for students with complex needs and family support.   

Mental Health Practitioner is available 1 day a week. The Mental Health Practitioner offers the following services: Adolescent Mental Health Support, 1:1 counselling, early intervention of mental health issues, Health Promotion and small group mental health sessions. School Nurse is available 2 days a week. 

The School Nurse offers the following services: Adolescent health concerns, Mental Health education, Relationship and Friendship strategies, Smoking, Drug and Alcohol Education, Body Image Information and Health Eating, Breakfast Club. Alternative Program Coordinator is available 4 days a week at senior campus. 

The Alternative Program Coordinator offers the following services: student engagement support, student support, mental health support, relationship and friendship strategies, managing stress and anxiety strategies and developing and building skills.