At Terang College, we have worked hard to develop reporting processes which enable our staff to communicate student progress effectively. We have utilised parent and staff feedback to develop a range of strategies that promote communication between staff, parents and students. Our intention has been to allow our reporting processes to promote student progress from both an academic and behavioural perspective. Our graph-based reporting structure is purposefully designed to facilitate progressive and meaningful conversations about student progress at the student learning conferences.

Our reporting process involves the communication of student progress each term through Learning Diaries and Learning Tasks (dependent on year levels), Progress Reports, Semester Reports and Student Learning Conferences. 

The progress reports indicate academic progress and attitude and effort demonstrated by students. The blue dot represents academic progress, and the blue bar represents students’ effort and attitude. These reports are available on Compass in the second last week of each term. This allows students and parents to have access to them prior to the Student Learning Conferences, which take place in the final week of Term 1, 2 & 3.

The semester reports are made available on Compass in the second last week of each semester (Terms 2 & 4). The semester reports reflect the information in our Progress Reports and report against the Victorian Essential Learnings.

We encourage open communication between all at Terang College. This means that should you have any concerns regarding your child’s progress, please speak to the appropriate classroom teacher or year level coordinator with any questions or queries.