Cost and Support to Parents

When Terang College Council considers the proposed requests for parent payments the cost is kept to a minimum and kept affordable to most parents. The aim is to ensure:
   * items students consume or take possession of are accurately costed
   * payment requests are broadly itemised within the appropriate category
   * parents are advised they have the option of purchasing equivalent Essential Student Learning Items themselves, in consultation with the
   * information on payment options is available, accessible and easily understood to all parents so they know what to expect and what
      supports they can access
   * parents are provided with early notice of annual payment requests for school fees to enable parents to save and budget accordingly.
   * parents are provided with reasonable notice of any other payment requests that arise during the school year ensuring - parents have 
      a clear understanding of the full financial contribution being sought
   * the status and details of any financial arrangements are kept confidential and only shared with relevant school personnel
Families of students will be charged via family accounts for:
   * annual materials services charge - for 2021 it is $300 per student and covers items such as class materials, college magazine, 
     $15 photocopying
   * camps and excursions which must be paid fully prior to the event
   * occasionally some specialist areas may generate an additional cost.

 Departments Payment Policy:

Families may experience financial difficulties and may be unable to meet the full or part payments requested. Parents are encouraged to speak with the College Principal or Business Manager who will endeavour to provide a range of support options available to support and assist.

Prep and Year 7 Uniform Allowance