Our Day at Tri-Sports

On Thursday the 30th of May, all the 5-6s competed at the tri-sports, playing footy, netball or soccer at the Camperdown oval. We got the Camperdown Oval at around 10 am for the first game.

In footy we first played against Cobden, then St Thomas, then St pats, then Camperdown and last we played against Timboon. The day was great although there were a lot of injuries, and we lost every game we still had fun.


We all were very new to netball, but we did our best. Our first game we only lost by 1 goal. Our next game we played we won 9-3. We did really good, Brax and Hunter scored the goals, and our defenders did a really good job too. Our next game we tied with Cobden 4-4. All other games were close, but we lost them. We all had a good day trying a new sport.


In soccer, we played against Cobden Simpson, Camperdown, St. Pats, and Mortlake and sadly lost those games, but we played Timboon twice and won both games.


Everyone did amazing.


Thank you to Cedrick, Maddi, Tahnee, Beau and Ben for helping coach and umpire us all day.


By Summer, Hunter, Courtney, Khloe and Amelia