RYDA Workshop – 27th June

RYDA Workshop

Yesterday the VCE VM students were invited to visit the RYDA workshop, held at Deakin University in Warrnambool.
Throughout the day, we learned about the importance of road safety and attended 6 different workshops. These workshops covered different aspects of road safety, including “speed and stopping” which showed how long it takes a car to stop at different speeds. One of the workshops included a discussion with a Warrnambool local named “Gator” who had suffered road trauma as a young adult and the impact it had on his life.

Other workshops covered mindsets, moods, distraction, and decision making which can affect our driving. We took a lot away from the experience and it made us realise the impact being safe on the road, can have on us and our loved ones. We all felt this was a worthwhile excursion that ended up being a great day for everyone involved.
– Georgia W