Early Years P-4

The College provides teaching and learning that promotes and supports the development of Literacy and Numeracy. We use a variety of learning structures and techniques that allow students to explore and develop deeper understandings of the world around them.

A variety of programs are utilised to develop students’ personal and social development. These include: Junior School Council, You Can Do It Program, Our Friday Assemblies, Team Spirit, camps, active sports programs and an Arts focus. Through these programs we nurture the development of a caring and supportive environment.

Support Programs offer assistance to students and families with specific learning and social needs.

We have a highly professional and hard working staff and supportive parent helpers.

L iteracy and Numeracy
The development of Literacy and Numeracy skills, knowledge and understanding is the core business. We continue to use a targeted, small group teaching and learning approach that encourages and supports student development in these key areas. 

We utilise computer and interactive technology to link learning and promote an understanding of the world around us. The College continues to invest in high quality resources to enhance and support student learning. 

Integrated/Inquiry Learning
This approach is now well established across the campus, with staff generating high quality learning opportunities that allow students to explore aspects of our environment, technology, science, history, health and social issues.

Arts Focus
The Arts has become a cornerstone of the College, with students engaged in a variety of artistic pursuits and endeavours. 

Displays in and around the campus, show the high quality work that students are engaged in. Our assemblies and special performances provide students with an opportunity to showcase their work and talent. 

Team Spirit
Team Spirit activities provide entertainment and challenges for our House groups throughout the year. Activities are designed to develop House and team identity and co-operation. 

This year’s challenges included designing a team banner and creating team actions to songs. The challenges were accepted and met by all Houses with enthusiasm and pride. Camps and Excursions.  Our Year 3/4 Camp this year was to Dunkeld, where students undertook a variety of outdoor education activities and challenges. These included giant swing, low ropes, flying fox, team hut building and reflector trails.  Foundation to Year 2 students travelled to Melbourne to visit Science Works as part of their inquiry unit on space. Students were thrilled with the Planetarium and space movie.