Wearing of Face Masks at Terang College

Parents and students involved with the Terang College need to be aware, as of the commencement of school on Monday, 3rd August, the College will be adhering to the Government’s directive of all students 12 years of age and over being required to wear face masks at all times whilst at the Terang College.

Mother’s Day Stall – Friday 08/05/2020

Terang College Parents Association will be holding our annual Mother’s Day Stall on Friday 8th May from 10.00am – 2.00pm.  There are gifts for Mothers, Grandmothers, Nannas and a Special person.

Gifts will be available to purchase in the Multi-purpose room at the P-4 Campus for all students from Prep to Year 12.  This is the same time as work pack collection at the P-4 Campus.  Please be mindful of “Social Distancing” restrictions when entering the building with only 3 people at one time inside.

All gifts are $4.00 each

We hope everyone has a safe and happy Mother’s Day.

Parents Association Meeting – Monday 24th February, 2020

We welcome all new and returning students, parents and staff.

Hoping the first few weeks finds students settling well into their new routines and enjoying the College.

We have our first meeting of the year on 24th February @7.30pm in the staff room @ P-4 campus.

We would love to see new faces at this very friendly, informal gathering of parents, which gives parents a bit of an idea of what makes our school run smoothly and a great chance to ask any questions about school life. (In my experience there is never a silly question.) Please make an effort, the meeting goes for roughly an hour, the 4th Monday of the month. The more people the better the ideas leading to better outcomes for our students and school community.  Above all else, is a great way to meet new people too.

Terang College Sports Uniforms

In the past few years Terang College Parents Association and the College have purchased sports uniforms for students to borrow when representing Terang College at interschool sports including District, Division, Regional and State levels. These uniforms assist with team spirit amongst the students.

Unfortunately there are a number of sports singlets, jackets, and football jumpers missing.

It would be greatly appreciated if parents and students could search at home, school bags and lockers for any of these items and return any to either College office or leave on Narrelle Cavarsan’s desk.

Thank you, Narrelle Cavarsan


Father’s Day Stall – Thursday 29th August, 2019

The Father’s Day stall is approaching quickly.  This year the stall will be held on Thursday 29th August.
We are seeking donations of 180gm blocks of chocolate and/or 12pkt individually wrapped variety packs to top up gifts and put in cups.
If anyone can help us out it would be much appreciated, these can be left at either Campus office ASAP.

Cake Stall/Street Stall – Thankyou

Thank you to everyone that baked and helped out in anyway to make our street stall last Friday a success.

Pictured is a photo of the new fridge we were able to purchase with the funds raised from the street stall.

Much appreciated

Terang College Parent’s Association