Greater Western Region Senior Boys/Mixed Soccer -Tuesday 14/06/2022

On Tuesday the 14th June, 16 students from years 10 and 12 headed off to Ballarat where they competed in 4 games of soccer against schools from around the Region. TC’s first game was against Horsham then Ballarat followed by Emmanuel and lastly, game of the day, Trinity. Everyone played really well, with many highlights and moments of brilliance throughout the day. Unfortunately the first 3 games resulted devastating endings (2-0 down each game) for our players, but in game 4 Prince managed to get a spectacular first goal for the day and ended up winning the game for Terang (1-0)!

The trip to Ballarat wasn’t without its own dramas either. After the second game it was discovered that our bus had not one, but two flat tyres, everyone was sure we would have to walk home! Miss McLennan, however took control, as she always does, and called someone to fix the bus.

All in all everyone had an amazing time (even with some injuries) and the year 12’s loved getting to spend time with younger peers and spread some knowledge and laughs with them.

Thanks to Mr O’Connor for coaching us and Miss McLennan for her amazing Bus driving skills.

Well done Terang!

Maggie Lock