Warrnambool Agricultural Society Interschool Equestrian Event, 25th October, 2018

Last Thursday 3 students, Emily Buckland, Su-Ri Kim and Sophie-Kate Shaw represented Terang College at the Warrnambool Agricultural Society Show Interschool Equestrian Event.

Su-Ri competed in the Primary Dressage Section on her pony, ‘Erindale Vogue’. Suri placed 5th and 6th in her tests and finished 5th overall.

Emily competed on her Galloway, ‘Keayang B & G’ in the Secondary Preliminary test finishing 9th and 7th in her tests.

Sophie-Kate competed in the Senior Preliminary tests.  Sophie competed on 2 Galloways during the day.

The first event was on a black mare called ‘Gordon Park Tiger Lily’.  This was the first time the mare had competed in a Dressage event. Sophie finished 4th in both tests on this Galloway. Her second event was on her Chestnut Galloway called ‘Gordon Park Sophie’s Choice’.  Sophie finished 1st in both tests and then went Overall Champion Senior Preliminary Rider.

Congratulations to the girls for their fantastic results on the day. Their commitment and time spent preparing their horses for the event certainly paid off.

A big thank you to the mothers for all their hard work behind the scenes.